Welcome to Moby Dick fishing lakes!

Let us share a few words and the most important informations about us!

Our utmost important aim is to give our dear guests an unforgettable experience. To achieve this, we try to satisfy all our guests demands and wishes with taking our beautiful lakes’ abilities into account.

From now on, our lakes are waiting for you non-stop. Not only for adults we would like to give a unique experience, but also children, so we made the entrance tickets free for them, of course in the company of an adult attendant. Young fishermen can use the facilities all day with buying only a half-day ticket. We also made totally free the admission of cars into the lake area and of course any attendant can enter totally free. We also made possible the usage of fishing and feeder boats.

With these new regulations we really try to make our guests experiences positive and make them feel welcome back at any time.

To make our guests feeling safe, there is a camera system all over and also we are running a river watcher and security guard.

Our buffet and small fishing shop are waiting for you with extended business hours. You can buy everything you need for fishing not only food & drinks. Our most important aim is to make MOBY the island of recreation and relaxation.

Moby Dick:

Our complexity’s size is nearly 50 acre, consists of 6 big and 2 small lakes available also on winter days. Our lakes are most famous for it’s rare big species and fish. Carps are over 10kgs, cat fish over 25, 50 kgs, but you can find catfish over 100kgs as well. We have also record listed pike, pike perch, carp briem and crucians. In our lakes fishermen also caught trouts over 6 kg, african catfish over 18kg, tench o er 3,65kg, breams over 4kg and asps over 9 kg.

The amplitude of fish are always secured with continuous fish colonization which is supported by the adequate deepness of our lake systems.

The country-wide regulations are valid at our lake complexity!

Approachability of Moby Dick:

Going on the 51 road, turn to the direction of Bugyi on the 5202 road and after 5 minutes of travelling turn right after the Rukkel Lake.

GPS : 47.28289

See also on the map below!